Our Faith and Beliefs


Prefect Man and Perfect God

The church believes that Jesus Christ is one Person out of two natures namely human and divine. He is perfect man and perfect God.

The Syrian Orthodox church accepts only three Ecumenical Synods namely Nicaea (A.D.325), Constantinople (A.D. 381) and Ephesus (A. D. 431) as the universal Synods. The Church meticulously observes all faith declaration of the Nicene Creed. The western church at a later stage appended a statement to this creed attributing the Holy Ghost to be originating from Son also, (Filioque) which we do not accept. The Church was totally merged with the divine element and became one (Monophysite).     

Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is revered as the word of God.    

Every Sundays and other sacred days, Bible is invariably read. The Traditions of the church that have been handed down by the early Church Fathers are revered fervently and observed strictly as that of Bible. The Holy Bible and the Traditions of the Church are esteemed as the criteria of the Church's faith.    

The Sacraments

The sacramental rites such as Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Confession, Priestly Orders, Matrimony and Sacrament to sick are held sacred and the members have ardent belief in their efficacy. The Syrian Church believes in infant baptism. The Eucharist is believed to be the Body and Blood of Christ. Leavened bread and wine are used in the Eucharist and given to the believers as the sacred Body and Blood.    

Saint Mary

St. Mary is the perpetual virgin and mother of God who is esteemed as the first among the saints. Intercessory prayers are offered in the names of the Saints, Churches are built in their venerated memory and their relies are honored and their memories are celebrated     

Holy Days and Fasting

The church expects its members to observe Sunday and sacred days as holy and to refrain from routine engagements. Traditionally there are nine such sacred days a year and they are Christmas, Baptism of Jesus, His entry into the Church, Gabriel's Announcement to St. Mary of the impending birth of the Savior, Ascension, Transfiguration, Feast of Cross, the ascension of St. Mary the mother of God and remembrance of St. Peter & St. Paul, Passover, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Resurrection during Passion Week.

The Church teaches that observing lent, refraining from rich food is good for the spiritual awakening. The Church observes every Wednesday and Friday as a day of lent. Also there are five lents annually such as 50 days Lent before Easter, the lent of Apostles, the lent in the name of St. Mary, the lent before Christmas and the 3 day lent (Nineveh).      

Second Coming

The church believes in the second coming of Jesus and in the last judgment when the righteous would be rewarded with eternal heavenly tranquility and the wicked will be banished to perpetual hell.