There Are No Poor Folks Here


Life sucks for many

Life sucks for many of my brothers and sisters and I and this community are called to listen to them and to walk with them. And if you are not doing the same, why do you call yourself a Christian?     

We Don't Call Them Poor

At  Dayro d' Holy Martyrs - Syriac Orthodox  , I don’t call them ‘the poor’ – I know their names, their faces. 

They are not a social problem or category. I’ve seen their faces. It’s the face-to-face encounter that you create a space for here that transforms all of us. 

That is why I keep saying, stop by any time. I love meeting new folks. I love meeting my brothers and sisters. I love meeting my neighbors

Who wouldn't? I have found that there a lot around here who don't know that. 

And I have been to many meetings here in Plymouth where my brothers and sisters are talked about as a problem to be helped rather than what Christ did which was to love and share and be with. 

So much for calling yourself a Christian. You don't have any idea what that is and you are not one. So stop calling yourself a Christian.    

We Serve All

You do not have to be Christian to come. All are welcome. Jews, Muslims, and even Atheists and other non-believers. 

We will never try to convert you.

What we do is listen to you and walk with you. 

We don’t care what you believe, where you live, or how you dress.