Our Archbishop


Mor Cassianus Yuhanon Lewis

In residence at Saint Sophia Syriac Orthodox Monastery, Columbus, Ohio USA
Bishop since 2002
Archbishop since 2005
Monk (Ramban) since 1988 

Full Service Inner City ministry
Drug/Alcohol Counseling/Grief Counseling/full social service casework with distressed families and homeless.
Soup kitchen and crisis center feeding 3,500 to 4,000 home cooked meals per month.   

Drug/Alcohol Counseling/Grief Counseling/full social service casework with distressed families and homeless.
Faith Garden ministry/cooking lessons/youth programs
Adopt A Family Christmas program for 50+ needy families per year.
Community Service work/working with law enforcement for safe streets. 

I AM the light of the world while I AM in the world. - Jesus
Do whatever He tells you. - Mary
You are our God.  We are your people.  All that you say we shall do we shall do. - the People of Israel 



OUTREACH MINISTRY in the inner cities of America is met with many challenges that other churches and ministries would find unfathomable if not impossible to address with any measure of adequacy.  The many aspects of any endeavor to “relieve human suffering” are daunting and overwhelming.  High crime rates and victimization, poor housing standards and conditions, poor education and low expectations are not the only risk factors; there are life-expectancy issues in which people just grow to expect worse than average mortality rates. Almost everyone who has grown up in Weinland Park, South Linden, Mylo-Grogan, or Whitehall Ohio has lost on average 2 to 3 friends per year to gunfire, drugs, or random violence. Homelessness, hunger, violence, victimization, go to Personal Safety issues. Low Education. People who suffer Clinical mental health issues of Chronic Traumatic Stress are part of our normal make up of patrons at our Soup Kitchen and crisis ministries. We thought that we would publish a series of brief but factual articles describing the ordinary life conditions of the people living in our neighborhoods.  Far beyond housing and employment issues, ordinary people grow up and exist in a fearful environment not unlike people living in a war zone.   Not knowing what to expect what the next moment will bring; living in a state of near panic, uncertainty, and dread for much of one’s life brings about a whole set of self-perpetuating, generational stressors and mindsets which only keep the cycle going far into the foreseeable future.