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Come Meet Christ


Our Mission: Traditional Orthodox Christianity. Serving God by Serving the Poor and the Poorest of the Poor in America's Inner Cities and Missions. Bringing the truth of Orthodox Christianity to the disenfranchised and marginalized, the poor and forgotten...the Message of the Stable. “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John9:4-6     

Come See the Face of Christ

At  Dayro d' Holy Martyrs - Syriac Orthodox , we don’t call them ‘the poor’ – we know their names, their faces. They are not a social problem or category. We’ve seen their faces. It’s the face-to-face encounter. You create a space here that transforms all of us. 

That is why we keep saying, stop by any time. we love meeting new folks. We love meeting our brothers and sisters. We love meeting our neighbors . Who wouldn't? 

We have found that there a lot around here who don't know that. And we have been to many meetings  where our brothers and sisters are talked about as a problem to be fixed rather than what Christ did which was to love and share and be with them.     

Some of the ways the monastery's servs is she is a diaper bank, provides many personal care items for folks, has laundry that folks can use, and many others.